Where Every Child Is a Star!

6751 West 63rd Place  * Chicago, Illinois 60638  * Phone 773.535.2076
   Where Every Child Is A Star!
        Mission:  Blair Early Childhood Center is committed to setting instructional goals that encourage our children to maximize their abilities and ensure the "whole child" develops physically, cognitively and medically.  Our mission is to support the unique learning needs of all of our students to maximum independence and build a solid foundation on which to go out into the community/world and be productive members of society.  We will achieve this by creating a positive learning climate/educational environment that promotes the "child first" theory by providing all necessary services, content, data driven improvement, unlimited opportunities, guidance and support by all who are involved with the children, both in a professional capacity and through family/community partnerships.  

Vision: The Vision of Blair Early Childhood Center is that we hope all of our students, with their diverse learning needs, will be empowered to become life long learners.  We feel that they will use the skills learned at school to make decisions that will allow them to be successful in the global society.

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